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PrivacyPolicy manages the data of its customers in a very confidential manner. Through thispolicy we are here to help an advertising happenings in holding itsconfidential data in a very systematic order. Today everything hasbecome online and due to this the demand of going on-air isincreasing of every business.

Weat Yellow Classifiedad worldcompliment theprivacy of our subscribers and to maintain it is our main priority.We are dedicated to our clients and keep all their personalinformation protected and private. We follow a determined rules andexercise industry- standard based services.

Wehave set up the website which is known as We are here to creatememorable moments for our appreciated clients in and across theworld.

What Privacy Policy Covers

Wehave a committed team and will take care of your personalinformation. Your privacy is our priority and to maintain it is ourresponsibility. Our Privacy Policy will explain-

  • What type of personal data we collect and why we need it.

  • When and how we share your information with the team members.

Wewill track the Internet address of the domains from which an individual visit us and examine this data for trends and statistics.The basic information which we collect from our clients is as follows-

  • Name & Sex

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • Credit Card Details

  • Date of Birth

Ourteam has the complete equipped knowledge so as to deliver a bunch ofsolutions on new policies or changed laws. Its main aim is to satisfythe clients with all required information. We treasure the privacy ofthe company.